Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog #2

The letter to my best friend, Katy, was easier to compose. This letter was intended to be read by my friend, therefore I used words and phrases that I definitely would not use if I was writing to the schools editor. When your addressing someone such as your friend, you feel more comfortable around them so usually the letter is informal. However, the letter to the schools editor was more formal because I was addressing a person with authority. The letter to my friend was not planned at all, whatever just came to my head I would write down. When speaking to my friends, I do not really need to plan what I'm going to say, instead I just say it. I included in this letter that I was not a fan of the rainy weather and missed going to the beach in the hot Miami sun, that I have made many friends from around the world, and finally that the food here is great. :) For the letter to the editor, I carefully planned out what I was going to write because I did want to impress the editor. I brainstormed before class the problems I would like to see changed at Florida Gulf Coast University and I also included some positive aspects too. In this letter, I made sure to include suggestions such as to extend the hours of operation at the bookstore during the first week of school because the line was too long, and to have a larger variety of fast food restaurants on campus. On a positive note, I included that I love the student involvement at this school and the Greek life on campus is exceptional. Some errors I corrected while writing the second letter was the use of contraction words and I tried to improve my writing style by using bigger words.