Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog # 4 Taste of the World

Today was unlike any other day in Mrs. Valliers class. Instead of attending the traditional classroom, we were to meet up in the student union circle for the Taste of the World event for International Week. I had no idea what was in store for today and the total outcome of the event blew me away. Every type of food served came from a specific country and is indigenous to it. As I quickly make my way to the line, the first stop on the map is China, with its succulent eggrolls served with a side of duck sauce. This was definitely one of my favorite appetizers, because they were served hot and delicious! The sauce complemented the roll exceptionally with its hot and sour yet tangy after taste. Next were the stuffed pastries from Russia, which had a plain taste but were simple and delicate. My all time favorite dish however, had to be the crepes from France. Served hot with your choice of nutella, strawberries, cinnamon, or honey, they immediately melted in your mouth. Another country that I enjoyed was Venezuela. They prepared Tamales that were not your ordinary tamale. Yes, they looked like one, but the inside was quite different, like nothing I have ever tasted before. There was no meat; it seemed to be a cheese filling that was bland and tasteless. The German meatballs from Germany were exceptionally flavorful and complemented with a side of white bread. I ended the great buffet line with food from Latin America including, platanos, guava pastries, meat pastries, and rice and beans. I was raised on this kind of food being from Miami, and I really did enjoy it. It’s extremely hard to find good Latin food in Fort Myers and this event made it possible to find delicious native food.  Overall, I learned a lot from this experience because I now know which types of food are indigenous to each country that I had not previously known. I think everyone should attend events like these so they can get a taste of what other cultures like instead of just their own. It is exciting to explore the different kinds of food from different countries.