Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog # 6

As I wake up to my mother yelling for me to come eat breakfast, I realize it is going to be just another day in the beautiful Miami, Florida. The year is 1981 and I attend University of Miami, only 10 minutes away from my house. The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. I sit down and eat a bowl of Chex cereal with my family while my dad sips on a cup of coffee in front of the television, of course with a newspaper in hand. I decide to join him and change the channel to this new show called MTV. It just came out and it is absolutely my favorite show! Next I pick an outfit for school because it is my first day back after Christmas break. My mom let me get my hair permed two days ago so all I need to worry about is my outfit. I decide to wear my leather jacket, (with shoulder pads of course!) acid- washed jeans, aviator sunglasses, and leg warmers because it is a little chilly out.  I head over to school in my 1981 Pontiac trans am my parents just bought me on Christmas for getting good grades this semester. On the way, I jam out to Madonna who is my new favorite artist. My best Friend sends me a message on my beeper so I will have to call her when I get to campus. Life is simple in these times and people seem to be happy in my world. I walk into biology class and sit next to some of my friends. Everyone is talking about the computer that is sitting on the teacher’s desk because IBM just released this brand new pc. Our teacher begins by telling us the IBM 5150 is the new technology of the decade and this is just a first of more to come. The computer looks pretty big and the screen is kind of small but hey it’s a computer! We take out our textbooks and the teacher begins the lecture and makes us copy notes off of the chalkboard. After class, my friends and I meet up on the benches by the lake and enjoy a cold coca cola on this hot day. We decide to go to the movies and watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Steven Spielberg directs it and I have a huge crush on Harrison Ford so I can not wait to watch it! After the movie I return home and dinner with my family awaits me. My mother is big on family so she makes us all eat with each other every night! (I’d rather be watching TV) I have had a very long day so I will go to sleep early tonight for my 8 am class tomorrow.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog # 5

A piece of recent technology that I use daily is the Internet.  The Internet has changed my life, and that of many others. We can do anything there, from research to connecting with people. If it was not for the Internet, students could not quickly access information and have to refer to books like the old days. It also provides people with social networking opportunities such as facebook, skype, and twitter. In the recent Egyptian uprising, many of the phone lines had been disconnected so the only way for people to communicate with the outside world was through Twitter and YouTube. This helped citizens globally to realize what was going on in this country and provide a means of help.
Another important aspect of the Internet is that you can learn to do anything or find anything by just typing it into Google. It is as easy as that. Lets say for example I need to find a quick remedy to a jellyfish sting. All I have to do is search the topic on the Internet,  and I cure will pop right up, without having to go to a doctor. The Internet continues to technologically enhance our global population by providing fast information with the click of a button. It truly has become an important part of human life and has changed technology forever.
The world of the Internet has exploded since I’ve been online. In the future, it will become even faster and easier to access. It’s evolutionary, and there isn’t a question as to whether the Internet will continue to “be there” in the future. It’s going to be a huge part of our daily lives in years and decades to come.