Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog #3

The start of the Fall season cast an orange haze above the horizon, lighting up the sky as if lit by fire, yet the haze was so crisp and clear. The sun, like a brilliant orange fireball in the distance was partially covered by the hanging clouds, which were all splashed with the random colors of hot pinks, reds and even hints of purples and blues. The sun is so large today, I felt like I could almost touch it. It seemed to look at me with a dull glare, knowing that it's beauty and the planet's dependence on it for survival made up for it. The sun which had it's time to shine for the time it was given, seemed to whipser "Farewell" to the world as it sunk lower and lower in a lazy manner; almost as if it never wanted to leave. A cool breeze passed, and I let the wind tussle my hair as it was almost like a human touch. I close my eyes and I begin to think about my day. Then, by the time I opened my eyes again, the sun was gone, leaving behind a sea of dark, lonely clouds in a twilight sky. 


  1. This is beautiful! I really liked how you described the sun and the words you used. Good work girl!

  2. You used some great descriptions about the fall season. Your description of the horizon was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't agree more! I mostly agree with your statement of the sun being so large that you felt as if you could touch it and its beauty that is radiated.

  3. That is the most splendid sunset I have ever imagined. I really have great love of everyday's sunset, especially the sunset in Flordia. I love the descriptions of all colors you used in this blog, which brings from my dorm to the far silent place you are staring at the sunset. LOve it, good job!!!!