Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog #4

This tutorial was very helpful for me, not only did I learn the fundamentals of researching, but I also learned a lot about the university's library. One of the most important tools I learned from this tutorial was how to search and locate books, journals, and media using the library catalog. This is helpful to me because I no longer have to look for the books in the library, I can just search if they have it and go. Prior to this tutorial, I knew little about the FGCU library and the great services it provides. The library services also provides recommended databases and resources by subject that make it easier to find accurate information. I feel this tutorial helped me immensely and I know now the basics of performing research. I did not know how to site my information correctly in MLA format but this tutorial helped me how to cite information correctly. I also did not know how locate course reserves. Some things that I already knew from this tutorial was how to not plagiarize, what search engines to use, and how to use databases.

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  1. Same here, I did not know much about the school library. Yes those services does indeed make it easier to find accurate information, I am glad to have learned about them. I knew mostly the same information you did before the tutorial.